Two-day Data and Software Carpentry workshops to practice and learn coding. We also do shorter themed sessions.

Pair Programming

Tool development

Creation of ad hoc applications and pipelines for research

Community Building​

Meet your peers and start working together. Ask and answer questions.

Workshops and themed sessions

We regularly organize generic two-day Data or Carpentry workshops to learn and practice scientific programming (Python, R) as well as good practices (version control with git).

In addition to these, domain-specific workshops are also regularly arranged on topics such as genomics, geospatial data or RNA sequencing.

Specific topics are addressed during one or several hour-long sessions. Find the future events on the homepage.

In the past, sessions on research data management, Python genomic pipelines, statistics or microbiome data analysis are examples of sessions organised in the past. See more examples on the events page.

Last but not least, a yearly Summer School with a two-week program takes place at the end of June. Check the first edition here.

Training workshop
Carpentry workshop 1
Data Carpentry workshop on Genomics (2016)
Specific session on RNA-seq (2018)


Members of the Amsterdam Science Park Study Group regularly co-develop tools for research. Some examples are listed below and an exhaustive list can be found on the Tools page.

Data consultancy hours

If you have a question regarding data analysis, statistics or experimental design, feel free to contact us through Slack or consult the data consultancy page to find your contact person. 

data consultancy
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash