Future events

  • Data Visualisation workshop, 18 February 2022. Organized in collaboration with the UvA Data Science Center.
    Details to be announced later.
  • Introduction to the Crunchomics Compute Cluster workshop. 10 May 2022 from 14.00 to 17.00.
    An afternoon dedicated to the SILS/IBED Crunchomics computing cluster. After a small introduction to the Crunchomics system, a demonstration of how to connect to crunchomics and how to execute a genomic pipeline will be given.

    We will guide you regarding connection using the ssh protocol, navigating the file system using Shell commands and how to create an environment dedicated to your needs using conda. We will then dig deeper by introducing the SLURM queuing system for batch jobs.

    !! Important !! Please follow the instructions here to make sure that you have a working installation of the Unix Shell.


Past events