Data Carpentry
Introductory lessons on data organization and visualization for research.

Software Carpentry
Introductory lessons on various topics in computing for research.

Open Intro practicals for R and Statistics
A great source of practical exercises and tips

RNA Biology & Applied Bioinformatics
Genomics and Expertise Center (SILS, UvA)–applied-bioinformatics/rna-biology–applied-bioinformatics.html?origin=4%2FiOsdPJTn20%2FNtWsPAscQ

Collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research

Data Carpentry semester for Biologists
A semester of lessons on data analysis made for Life Scientists

Dutch Techcenter for Life Sciences (DTL)
Establish an interconnect research infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

Open Science Community Amsterdam
Open science communities are an initiative to create a platform for researchers and students from all faculties and academic levels to subscribe to the open science philosophy, learn about open science practices, and get concrete advice and help on how to apply them in their research projects.

Good practises in scientific computing (Wilson et al., 2017 PLoS Comput. Biol.)
From the creator of the Software/Data Carpentry Foundation

Dave Tang’s blog
A blog on Computational Biology and Genomics

GOBLET portal
Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning Education and Training (learning material)

Bioinformatics Workbook
A great source of hands-on tutorials on various bioinformatic topics