Shiny applications developed by members of the Amsterdam Science Park Study Group. These applications run in the cloud on the shinyapps cloud infrastructure.

Applications are listed by their name in alphabetical order together with a quick description.




With this application, you can explore live hourly estimates on the number of birds and insects which flew over the ARTIS zoo (across a transect of 1 km) over the last 7 days.

⚠️ Two versions of the application are available. One is designed specifically for smartphone while a more complete version exist for laptops. All versions work best with the Chrome web browser.

📱 Smartphone edition link: To access the tool you need to scan a QR-code with your smartphone.

💻 Laptop edition link:

This application was developed by Johannes de Groeve, the data manager support staff of the IBED

Johannes is part of the IBED institute Computational Support Team. 

Artis application

Plots of Data

The PlotsOfData Shiny app plots the data and statistics to enable the comparison of (experimental) conditions. The philosophy of the approach is that plotting the raw data (instead of a summary) improves transparency and interpretation. To further facilitate the comparison, summary statistics (mean, median, boxplot, violinplot) and inferential statistics (confidence intervals) can be added. The user has full control over the visibility of the raw data and statistics by adjustment of the transparency (alpha). More details about the PlotsOfData app can be found in our publication.