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Main purpose: improve your data skills

The Science Park Study Group is proud to announce a new fund designed to support Early Career Researchers (mainly PhDs, Postdocs) in their pursuit of better data skills.


How does it work? What is expected from you?

There is a course, workshop, or data-processing focused conference that you would like to attend, for example to learn a data-processing method, how to use a software tool, a programming language, etc.

Good news! You can apply for funding from the Science Park Study Group. In return for the funding, you become a multiplicator: we will help you organize a workshop at the UvA where you share your newly gained knowledge with your peers, and you serve as a contact person for others with similar research challenges.


What is the selection process?

Applications are open the whole year, but you should expect 6 weeks until a decision has been taken. Please provide us with:

  • A short (1 page) letter of motivation, including a link to the programme you want to take part in,
  • How do you plan on spreading your new knowledge at Science Park.
  • An overview of the anticipated costs, including costs covered by other funding sources (e.g. grants, project money).
Please send your complete application to Marc Galland ( and Eva Lekkerkerker ( The Science Park Study Board members will review your application and decide if your proposal should be granted.



Who can apply?

The Data Travel Fund is aimed at Early Career Researchers (PhD students, postdocs), but exceptions may be made. If you’re not part of this group, please contact one member of the Science Park Study Board, to discuss your case.


How much can I apply for? What is covered?

Conference/training registration and complete travel expenses (transportation and accomodation) can be covered up to 1200€.

We encourage you to search for additional options to cover other partial costs to keep this funding available to other researchers.

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