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A morning with the basics and not-so-basics of amplicon sequencing. The first half is general, the second focuses on a DADA2-based workflow.

The seminar is online, register at the bottom of this announcement or via this link.

People involved: Anna Heintz-Buschart

Here’s the plan:
9-10:30 Intro: Aims and requirements of the research questions tackled by metabarcoding & overview of method; limitations 1: from sample to sequencing data; dealing with some of the limitations: aims, approaches, and options of data processing steps & annotation; limitations 2: persistent problems
10:30-11 break
11-12:30 demo: dadasnake workflow for amplicon processing; spoiled for choice: more details on target- and technology-specific options for data processing & annotation (targets include ITS for fungi and those with a lot of off-target by-catch, e.g. AMF or archaea; technology here means different Illumina-sequencers/protocols)
12:30-13 Q&A

An afternoon dedicated to basic statistics for biologists. After this event, you will be able to better understand how to decide on the number of biological replicates needed for your experiment, get basic notions on inference statistics and apply it to your daily work.

People involved: Marc Galland, Emiel van Loon.

Registration is mandatory and free: please enroll here.

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