The University of Amsterdam becomes a Silver Member of the Carpentries Foundation

The Carpentries Foundation logo

The Science Park Study Group, on behalf of the University of Amsterdam, is supporting the acquisition of a Carpentries Foundation Silver Membership to further develop its training activities.

This membership will serve several purposes:

  1. Have two Data/Software Carpentry workshops centrally organised by the Carpentries Foundation each year, for example on data analysis using Python.
  2. Train at least 5 Carpentry instructors per year from the local pool of teachers of the University.

This membership will last for 3 years starting on March 1, 2022. We hope that the training capacity of both the local Study Group community and that of the University of Amsterdam will increase thanks to the collaboration with the Carpentries.

We are grateful to the NWO organisation (Dutch Research Council) for its financial support to the Study Group through the Open Science Funding scheme.



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