First Study Group Summer School – June 2021

summer school 2021

The first Summer School consist of a series of two-day workshops designed to teach basics as well as more advanced topics in scientific programming. The first week was dedicated as an entry point for beginners and more advanced scientific programmers. The second week addressed more domain-specific topics.

All in all, this training event helped to enhance the quality and efficiency of research while promoting a more Open Science in the long run.

Here is the summary of the courses provided:

  • Week 1: programming in R and Python: from absolute beginner to competent practitioner.
  • Week 2, several parallel tracks:
    • Parallel track 1: microbiome analysis, amplicon metagenomics
    • Parallel track 2: Google Earth Engine for geoscientists and ecologists
    • Parallel track 3: RNA-seq analysis

The complete program and course contents is available here:



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